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Harlem Ancestry

Info about the first settlers of Harlem. How Harlem was developed. The changes in Harlem and some of the oldest businesses and Residents... Read More

Harlem Education

CUNY, Columbia University, Touro Law School. Click for Colleges and Universities in Harlem. Books on and about Harlem the old and the New. Click Here

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Recording Studio's Join the Harlem Community as we get you started in a recording career. Are you the Next Platinum Artist? Call 347-625-9344 ask for Lee

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All the things we Love about Harlem will be listed here. The recommendations are from you.

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What's new at the Movies? Check here to see whats playing at the Magic Jognson Theater.

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Do you like shopping in Harlem? Here you will find all types of discounts, sales and special deals.

Harlem Community Businesses visit for great deals, unique products, fabulous restaurants, nightly entertainment and more.

Here you can find must see places you may or may have not known about Harlem and the Harlem Community.

Harlem Forgotten

Oldest Places

Discover some of the Oldest things of Harlem - The Oldest Business, The Oldest Home etc. Read More...


Arts and Entertainment

The Harlem culture is full of arts. Many Artist came from harlem. See what New in the Arts community. Read More...


The best of the Harlem Community can be found right here. Discounts, Events and more.

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Ask a friend or someone you know they will tell you about all the fun you can have in Harlem

When I first discovered the Harlem Experience Trip flyer, I really felt like going. The only part of New York I had ever been to was Brooklyn, and I had spent most of my time at home with my hosts, who were too scared to let a White girl wander the streets. Harlem is quite famous in France. When we watch American movies, it is not rare to hear of this place, and I thought it would be great if I could see it with my eyes....


Harlem is a great and very historical neighborhood. It is worth it just to walk around and explore the different streets, parks, houses, etc. It's quite a large neighborhood so I... Read more


Yes, downtown Manhattan is full of fancy restaurants and Brooklyn is a haven for trendy bohèmes, but Uptown residents would argue that New York City's cultural mecca is Harlem. There isn't another place in the city where you can hit up more than one Jimmy Jazz, purchase bootleg soul and R&B mixtape CDs, and get lessons on supreme.... Read More


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